Highlight a portion of your Video

   Select the object/region you want to highlight


Settings and Adjustments

Caption (opt)
Shape of Moving Lens Area
Anchor (Stabilize)
Center the anchored subject Center the anchored subject on the screen (valid only if anchor selected)
Do not move lens (manual) Static lens
Alternately,drift the lens between two points (manual)

Label of Lens Area (moving) Optional
Width of output video (pixels) (height will adjust in proportion)
Zoom Factor 1
Area of Lens (Expansion of lens, not level of zoom) ) 1
Crop final video (optional)
Darken Background 180
Quality (CRF) Low values mean high quality, higher bandwidth and file size (23 default) 16
Not functional
Slow Motion 1
 seconds fps
Select starting point of effect (s): Optional  End effect (s): Optional 
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