Transform your photograph or scan or drawing into a multimedia micro-story by emphasising the key elements with a lens effect - the pixels underneath get gloriously zoomed.

Load your photograph or graphic

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Enter URL of image:
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Trace the path of motion  

Press the mouse button and move the cursor between 2 points. You will notice a circle as you trace the path.

Settings and Adjustments

Lens Shape

Lens diameter in percentage of height of image (between 5 and 130) :

Into the text box, type Height:Width of rectangular lens in percentage of image height and width (for example type 120:40 for a very tall rectangle)

Zoom Factor
Motion Effect
Duration of Motion
Duration of motion of lens between 1 and 10 sec  
Background Effect
Darken Background
Level of darkness of background  
Freeze frame (in sec)
Make path horizontal or vertical Enabled if clicked, else the path of lens motion will be between 1st and last point
End frame with no effect Revert / Dissolve to original image at the end
Video width Video width in pixels (between 550 and 1200) :

When you are ready, 

You can crop the image beforehand to square, Instagram or Facebook's preferred' dimensions: Go here -